Actress Uwoya Confirms She Gets Beautiful By Showering With Milk


By  | Oct 15, 2020, 12:59 PM  | Drama

For years now, there have been controversies surrounding actress Irene Uwoya.

Some quotas have been accusing her of living large thanks to dirty money.

Others have been skeptical about claims that she has a flawless and beautiful skin because she showers with milk.
Irene Uwoya in her elements. Photo: UGC
Well, the lass recently cleared the air about all the claims and put her haters to shame through an interview with Tanzanian paper Ijumaa Wikendi.

About her dirty money, the actress distanced herself from the claims and confirmed that all her money is hard earned. 
‘’God did not deny me everything, at least I can be proud of that. He gave me the brains to look for money, and that is how I make it,’’ Uwoya told Ijumaa Wikendi.
It is through the same interview that the actress also confirmed indeed that she uses milk to clean her body.

‘’It is true that is what I do. I take a shower using milk and that is why everyone I meet with gushes over my flawless face. I do not apply anything else on my body, the main ingredient is the milk.’’ She added.

Uwoya also disclosed that she really longs to have a second baby, but this time a daughter.