DJ Maarufu Wa Kenya Aandika Barua Akiomba Msamaha Baada Ya Kucheat

The couple is celebrating 7 years together.

By  | Nov 20, 2020, 12:38 PM  | DJ Mo  | Drama

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As the Murayas inched closer to their 7th anniversary, the couple was hit by the mother of all scandals, DJ Mo cheating.

The last few days have been particularly hard for Size 8 who chose to pray for her family to the chagrin of most Kenyans who felt that she was fighting for her marriage alone.

As the debate rages on whether Size 8 should pray for her hubby, DJ Mo decided to issue a public apology to his wife. In the apology that has been seen by his 2 Million+ fans across all social media platforms, DJ Mo apologized for the shenanigans and informed in his wife that they will ride till the end.

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