Legendary TZ Musician Lady Jay Dee Lands In Trouble Over Marijuana

Trouble with police

By  | Oct 06, 2020, 06:03 AM  | Drama

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Celebrated musician Judith Wambura alias Lady Jay Dee is one of the most respected musicians in Africa.

This, she has managed to acquire thanks to her 20 years of polished history in the music industry which have been scandal-free.

However, the singer recently landed in trouble with Tanzanian government authority, BASATA (Baraza La Sanaa), a body that regulates art and entertainment over her new music video for the song One Time.

According to Global Publishers, BASATA officials have confirmed the body had received endless complaints from showbiz stakeholders Tanzanians who claim the songstress advocated for the use of bhang through the song.

BASATA Secretary-General Godfrey Mngereza said the institution has already launched investigations and will duly constitute relevant punishment should the singer be found guilty.

‘’We have received and seen many complaints, we are investigating and we will publish the concern if found guilty.’’ Godfrey.
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This came just weeks after the singer released her song One Time on September 14.

According to sources intimate to the case, most people took to social media to complain to BASATA, holding the theme of the song aims at promoting the smoking of marijuana.

It should be noted Jay Dee used the words ‘’Tusmoke weed one time’’, which evoked mixed reactions from different quotas.

While some defended the crooner claiming she just enjoyed a moment of poetic justice, others condemned her stating she is old and beaten and can no longer come up with great lines.

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