The One Time Juma Jux Left Women Thirsty With His Big Boxer Bulge (Photo)

What a bombshell!

By  | Oct 02, 2020, 10:40 AM  | Vanessa Mdee  | Drama

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Well, it seems that Vanessa Mdee may have stuck around Juma Jux, despite them having an unstable relationship for a good reason. A photo has emerged of Jux unashamedly parading his machine in a tight boxer.

The photo has been making rounds on the internet and many female fans are going wild. In the professionally taken pic, Jux is standing, shirtless, with just a boxer, parading his manhood. The bulge is so big that some joked that it may be edited or he has a rat inside his pants.

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Since parting ways with Vanessa Mdee, Jux has tried his best to keep things under the radar but his celebrity lifestyle cannot allow him to. In fact, he has repeatedly publicly commented on Vanessa Mdee’s life, including ridiculing her for quitting music.

“Event itakuwa ya wasichana pekee yake na wanueme hawataruhusiwa…ni idea tofauti…wanawake kama mashabiki wangu hujibana kuhakikisha wako na mimi…fanbase yangu ni ya watoto wa kike wengi.” Juma Jux said

Vanessa Mdee on the other hand has been living large in the US since she publicly announced her relationship with actor and singer Rotimi. Their love seems to have flourished, amidst toxicity and assault rumors.

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Our efforts to reach Vanessa Mdee for an interview have been unfruitful as her manager Selly told as that she is unavailable. As for Jux, his manly features - and sexy voice - keep him in the news.

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