Is Diamond's Relative After Tanasha Donna? (Evidence)

By  | Oct 02, 2020, 10:42 AM  | Diamond Platnumz  | Relationships

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Well, it seems like Diamond’s cousin Rommy Jons is going after Tanasha. Before we dive into it, here’s a story to tell how it all came to be.

When Diamond separated with Tanasha, many people wanted a piece of her. She is a beautiful girl, with Italian genes and of course, she is famous. Those juicy thighs she parades on Instagram always make men go gaga! 

She may not have an African butt, but her cute face is to die for! So many, many, many influential men have tried to win her since the breakup. However, the only person she has been linked to has to be Jamal Gaddafi, who is a TV personality on KTN.

As for Diamond, it seems to be a totally different case. He seems to have stepped back and is carefully re-evaluating his relationship decisions. He has instead opted to wait for things to fall into place...and not forcing things due to public pressure and expectations.

Reports show that he wants to settle with one woman by 2021. He says that he is “already seeing someone else.”

 "Sipo single nina mwanamke ninayetaka kuoa. Sisi wengine sasa hivi hatutaki mahisiano, tunataka tuoe. Mwezi wa kumi tarehe mbili nitatimiza miaka 31 na sitaki kuwa tu na mwanamke, sitaki kuwa na kimada(mistress), sitaki kuwa na hawara(prostitute), nataka kuoa," he said.

So Jons has been thirsting on her pics over the period she has been seemingly single. 

We have a screenshot to prove it. Today, Tanasha Donna posted a series of photos showing off her thunder thighs as well as a close up of her gorgeous face. Jons could not resist it! He went in with his thirst, comparing Tanasha with food!

Tanasha flirted back, indicating she was “Laughing Out Loud” instead of just ignoring the comment. If she did not like the vibe, she would have just commented in a way that shows she is not playing along!

To make things worse, Jons is actually married. According to a Standard Media report, he married his wife in a colorful Arabic themed wedding back in 2017.

Do you think Tanasha can date Diamond’s brother? Or...was this just another day in the streets of Instagram? You be the judge!

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