Billionaire Reginald Mengi widow says she did not change anything in their house following hubby’s death

Memories Live Forever

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Death is very cruel and can leave people lost when they lose their loved ones.

The same was stamped by the sad demise of Tanzanian billionaire Reginald Mengi, whose death not only shook his family but also the entire country.

One of the worst hit people was the billionaire’s wife Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe Mengi who had shared countless memories with him before his untimely demise.
Jacqueline with late hubby. Image: Courtesy
Years after his death, many people would have thought Jacqueline had cleared everything that reminded her of the late husband from their family home.

However, unlike most people, the former beauty queen did not move a thing, if a recent interview with a local site is anything to go by.

The widow disclosed her late hubby’s things remained intact years after his death.
"Vitu vya Marehemu mume wangu vipo kama vilivyokuwepo zamani, unajua ukimpoteza mtu ambaye ulikuwa unaishi naye siku zote ndani ya nyumba hata ungetoa vitu haibadilishi kwa sababu sura ya huyo mtu inakuwepo na kumbukumbu zake bado zipo, inachukua muda kuizoea hiyo hali ya kutokuwepo kwake" Jacqueline said.
The Miss Tanzania 2000’s revelation proved once again that she is one strong woman, ready to deal with her issues head on.
Billionaire Mengi died in May 2, 2019 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, where he was receiving treatment.

He had just celebrated his wedding anniversary with his Jacqueline in March 2019 before he went to Dubai for treatment. 

He was owner of IPP Media Group that owns 11 newspapers, radio and television.

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