Dudu Baya's Fans Fear He Is Dead After Missing For 60 Days

Where Is He?

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Musician Dudu Baya’s fans are a worried lot after the singer disappeared without a trace.

Dudu who is known for his many social media commentaries and rants on social media has been missing for 60 days now, this publication has learnt.

According to Risasi Mchanganyiko newspaper, his fans are now worried he may have been killed by his enemies.
Dudu Baya. Image: UGC
The loud musician has not been sharing his attacking videos online and his family is also worried about him.

News about Dudu’s disappearance was first highlighted by his own daughter Maria Godfrey who recently came out through social media to disclose about her father’s unknown situation.

Maria revealed that her father went missing since August 13, 2020 and has not been traced until now.

“Msanii wa Bongo Fleva Dudubaya Mamba Oilchafu, kapotea tangu 13/8/2020 mpaka sasa hajulikani alipo, nilikuwa naomba vyombo vya habari viweze kumtangaza, ni mimi mwanaye Konki Maria,” Maria wrote on Instagram.
Dudu Baya is missing. Image: Millardayo
Unconfirmed reports indicated the singer last posted on Instagram on August 12, a day before he disappeared and he had attacked several people through a couple of videos on his Instagram account.

The incident was reported at Kinondoni Police station where ACP Mussa Taibu promised to launch investigations and search to find the musician.


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