Meet 6-year-old actress Mai Zumo Who Is Paying For Her Own School Fees

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When comedian Anko Zumo first became famous, he did not want to be selfish.

The comedian introduced his family, wife Habiba Zumo and daughter Mai Zumo to his craft and before they knew it, it was a family of celebrities.

With the celebrity status came lots and lots of money, which changed the family’s life for the best.
Mai Zumo with her dad Anko Zumo
Well, has learnt Anko Zumo’s daughter Mai is making so much money that she pays her own school fees.

According to the young 6-year-old’s mother, her daughter who is class one has learnt of becoming a responsible person by settling her own school fees using proceeds from comedy.
“Mai Zumo amefanana na bibi yake wa upande wa baba yake, lakini kwa asiyemjua hudhani amefanana na mimi sasa hivi yupo darasa la kwanza ana miaka sita, anaingiza pesa kwa kiasi ambacho yeye anafanya kazi hasa kwa faida yake na maisha yake, sasa hivi anajilipia mwenyewe ada,”Mama Mai Zumo told a local newspaper.
Despite the happiness and success, the young comedian faces challenges too.
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Her mum disclosed that she is now a big celebrity who gets stopped by many people on the way for selfie moments.

Anko Zumo, Mai Zumo and Habiba Zumo are perfect example of people who allow their children to pursue their dreams in whatever fields they want.

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