Tanzania's Famous And Richest Actors

They are bringing home the cheques.

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From internationally acclaimed movies to local productions, Tanzanian actors are without a doubt determined to make their mark in an industry and their swollen wallets are proof of that.

Let's have a look at some of the rich people that are taking over the Tanzanian film industry. 

1. Wema Sepetu

From representing Tanzania at Miss World in 2006, Wema later on became an actress and entrepreneur in Tanzania.

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Wema achieved fame and popularity in her home country by acting in Tanzanian Films. She burst into the Tanzania film industry with the movie Point Of No Return, in 2007 where she played as a wife of a rich witch, who always killed his girlfriends for sacrifice.

In 2013, Wema Sepetu launched the ‘Endless Fame Production’ company. The company deals with Wema Sepetu movies production as well as artist management. She has managed musicians hailing from Tanzania such as Ally Luna as well as Mirror. Some of the movies it has been responsible for producing include Unexpected, Family, Superstar, Heaven Sent, as well as Day After Death.

With such an impressive resume and a huge social media following, Wema's career is on the up and up. Ever since she stepped in the entertainment scene, Wema has amassed a lot of wealth along the way.

Net worth: $5 Million

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2. Jacqueline Wolper

Wolper is known for her controversial statements to the Tanzanian media proving that she's not she's not scared of saying how she feels.

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Jacqueline Wolper transformed her career from being a model to an actress. She even went a step further to add producer to her profile. Her first movie role was in Red Valentine and Family Tears which propelled her acting career in Kenya.

Since her start in 2007, Wolper has acted in over 20 Bongo movies.  Some of her movies include Hard Price, My Princess and Crazy Desire. Wolper is also known to be a fashionista who has styled a number of celebrities. 

Net worth: $5 Million

3. Aunt Ezekiel

Aunt Ezekiel made her acting debut in 2008 in The Cold Wind which received so many positive reviews. 

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With her talent, Aunt Ezekiel has been able to manage a successful career in the film industry. Some of the movies she has been featured in include Lost Future, Last Step and Prison Revenge.

In 2019, Aunt Ezekiel's bestie, Wema Sepetu gifted her with a fancy shoe shop for her to run. She’s also the CEO to her company, Cream Production.

Net worth: $5 Million

4. Elizabeth Micheal (Lulu)

Elizabeth Michael started acting at the age of five and today — she is ranked among the top producers in Tanzania. The actress isn't only known for acting but the beautiful thespian has a humanitarian program which aims to help with special needs in society.

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She began her acting career at the age of five acting in television soap operas. During that time she honed her skills as an actress and has grown to become one of the most celebrated actresses in Tanzania. Currently, her track record indicates she has acted in over thirty films.

In 2013 Lulu managed to add another profession by producing her first film “Foolish Age”. Film enthusiasts nominated Foolish Age as their Favourite Movie at the 2014 Tanzania People’s Choice Awards and she won the award for Best Actress for her role in the film.

As one can stumble upon bad luck, Elizabeth Michael shows us that it is possible to bounce back and work on bettering yourself and your name, each day as you live.  

Net worth: $5 Million

5. Idris Sultan

Unlike the rest of the list, Idris Sultan is not just a Tanzanian actor but he is also a comedian and a radio host who won the Big Brother Africa-Hotshots in 2014.

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He hosts the biggest comedy news show called SIO HABARI. Apart from that he also hosts his stand-up comedies show. Besides his impressive career, Idris won a whooping Sh32 million from Big Brother Africa

Net worth: $4.5 Million

6. Gabo Zigamba

This  Tanzanian actor is an award-winning commodity. He is also a film producer and director. For Gabo, his passion and drive lay in staying true to his mission of becoming bigger and better as an actor and director and towards achieving that he has gradually shown his prowess in all his roles.

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As an actor, the nominations and awards he has received are Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) Award (2015/2016) in the category of Best Male Actor, Action and Cut Choice Awards and recently he won the Best Male Actor at Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) Awards 2018.

Some of the film projects Gabo has worked on include ‘Kisogo’, ‘Siyabonga’, ‘Kabwela’ among others. Gabo has embarked on a Tv Series project which he is working on and we should expect more great film and Tv projects from his end.

Net worth: $3 Million

7. Yusuph Mlela

Yusuf shot to fame quite fast since he stepped into the limelight. His first major role in a film was in ‘Diversion of Love’ in 2006. Yusuph execution of his role was so good that he bagged many more roles in films and Tv shows.

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He is quite an achiever in Swahiliwood and as a result, he has starred in films such as ‘Samira’, ‘Poor Mind’, ‘I Know You’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Angel The Taxi Driver in Love’ among others. Asides from acting Yusuph is also a model, film director and a producer

For Yusuph, his star continues to shine bright as he continues with his journey in the film industry. We can definitely expect more amazing upcoming projects from his end.

Net worth: $2 Million

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