Tanzania's Richest Celebrities Who Keep Making Bank

Their careers and deals keep the cheques coming in.

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From their chosen profession, be it singing or acting, these celebs have mastered the craft of having multiple revenue streams. They've also managed to branch out to other ventures with those lucrative endorsement deals, they’re making it rain.

And it’s exciting to see that there are several female entertainers who are also making the big bucks.

So who made it onto the list? 

1. Diamond Platnumz

He's considered to be the wealthiest musician in al of East Africa and there's no denying that considering the brand he's built for himself in all of Africa. He has worked with artists from Nigeria, South Africa, Eastern Africa region, and has worked with international acts such as Rick Ross.

Diamond Platnumz

Besides his thriving career in music, Diamond owns several homes in Tanzania and one in South Africa; quite frankly he has a lot of money. He often posts Instagram videos of himself counting mountains of cash. That's not enough to prove that he is the richest, though.

His numerous endorsement deals with renowned brands in the country, such as Pepsi and Coral Paints, have seen him procure millions of dollars which have helped maintain his lavish lifestyle. 

Net Worth - $7 million

2.  Vanessa Mdee

Vanessa is a Tanzanian singer, songwriter, rapper, youth activist, television personality and radio host. She is popularly known for being the first ever Tanzanian MTV VJ.

Her music has seen her over the years gain so much popularity and amass such a huge following on social media.

Vanessa Mdee

Besides her many endorsements deals with the likes of Samsung and Crown Paints, Vanessa loves to take part and be active in community projects. In 2015, she took part in the ONE mission and ONE mission only – Celebrating girl power campaign which was calling on world leaders to put girls and women in the forefront.

Net Worth: $6 million

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3. Vincent Kigosi

Vincent is not only an actor, but he's a producer and a director as well. Popularly known as Ray, he started his career in 2000 where he was appearing in television soap operas or series. Soon enough he started acting in movies and it didn't just end there as the fans couldn't get enough of him.

Vincent Kigosi

He started producing and directing movies and they were high in demand across the nation which showed just how good Vincent is at his job. He has his own film production firm which he called the RJ Production company and he runs it with Blandina Chagula. 

Net Worth: $700 000

4. Lady Jaydee

Lady Jaydee is a Tanzanian singer who specializes in the R&B, Zouk and Afro Pop genres. She is known to be one of the pioneers of Bongo Flava music in Tanzania and she's been hailed as one of the country's top female musicians.

Lady Jaydee

In her career that spans over 15 years, Lady Jaydee has always come out on top as one of the top female musicians.

When many brands started noticing the influence she had and the impact she was making they approached her to work with them. She has worked with brands such as Airtel and Oriflame Sweden.

Net Worth: £3.9 million

5. Irene Uwoya

Irene Uwoya is star Bongo Flava movies actress who has been on the public scene for the good deeds and contributions she has made in the entertainment industry.

Irene Uwoya

Irene started off as a model and this was when she joined Miss Tanzania and although she didn't win her career in acting kicked off in 2007. Irene soon enough became the most wanted actress among many producers in the country. 

Despite all the odds, Irene is now working as an influencer and has over four million followers on Instagram. As a brand, she is working on securing her future and that of her son, Krish.

Net Worth: $3 million

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These celebrities keep doing what they love and it keeps the cheques coming in and keeping their bank accounts full to the brim.

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