The Richest DJs in Tanzania

Maybe the DJ can save my life?

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DJ's around the world have really come a long way from scratching up records from your moms' collection of Marvin Gaye LPs. Now, DJs are a huge commodity and can bring home a lot (a lot) of cash and it that's the case, DJ...please don't stop the music.

1. DJ Seydou

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DJ Seydou is one of the veterans in the DJ world especially in Tanzania. He is most famous for putting new music on the map in the late '80s and early '90s. Described as a quiet man, he is currently a music consultant for various parts of Tanzania including some prominent clubs and pubs.

Considered a national treasure, the up and coming DJ's feel his career path is exemplary.

Net worth: $7 Million

2. DJ John Dillinga aka DJ JD

John Dillinga also known as DJ JD is a sixty-one-year-old DJ who has been active since 1975. When he was first enlisted at Mbowe Night Club (now known as Club Bilicanas) despite being in his twilight he still has what it takes to bring the house down.

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In a career that spans for over four decades, JD says he has seen it all and with all that experience he says he is still learning. But all is not lost for DJ JD, he still performs and his wallet still remains full, after all these years.

DJ John Dillinga has acquired that net worth as a pioneer of progressive house music and has his hands in several parts of the entertainment industry in Tanzania. He is also very vocal about building up the industry Tanzania, which gets him a lot of mixed reactions.

Talk about young at heart.

Net worth: $5.5 Million

3. DJ Aisher

DJ Aisher is a little different from other DJs, she's a nurse during the day and a DJ at night. Some may call that living a double life but here, we call it being Superman.

“I stumbled on YouTube videos of the famous French deejay known as Dj Lady Style and that changed my life. I downloaded a free trial version of Virtual Dj and started practising,” DJ Aisher told Nairobi News.

DJ Aisher

Before going public as a DJ, she would play at friends’ parties every time she landed an opportunity, and if her friends loved her performance, she knew it was good if not- well, more practice.

The practise has made perfect as she is one of Tanzania's celebrated female DJs.

Net worth: $5 Million

4. DJ Vanessa Mdee

Although she is very low key with her successes and performance, it doesn't mean she's broke. Vanessa is a professional DJ and a former presenter on MTV Tanzania. She has created a name for herself not just in her home nation but in all of Africa, as she is racking in the coin not only as a DJ but as a singer.

Vanessa Mdee

Some of her songs have gained a lot of popularity on the air-waves and apart from her beauty, her fans are committed to seeing her win.

Net worth: $4 Million

5. DJ Senorita

DJ Senorita is changing the narrative in this male-dominated industry in Tanzania and is getting clubs packed and people up on their feet. This senorita is pushing boundaries where sexism is the norm.

DJ Senorita

She says her love of music is what drove her into DJ-ing. She also says her talents didn't lie anywhere else and she's never been happier breaking through stereotypes and doing what feels natural to her.

Net worth: $2 Million

6. Aisha Bakary aka The Hijab DJ

In her early twenties, she's already made a name for herself as a female DJ in a male-dominated industry.

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After she finished a course in computer science at Zanzibar University in 2017, Aisha worked as a presenter at the local radio station and as master of ceremonies at weddings. She intended to pursue journalism — until one of her friends introduced her to DJing. And we guess the rest is history, right?

Net worth: $550K

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