Wema Sepetu Biography: Age, Early Life, Relationships, Career, Awards & Nominations, Controversy, Infertility Issues, Wema Now, Net Worth

This actress has lived a Shakespearean tragedy.

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This Tanzanian superstar, Wema Sepetu is an actress and a model who has been in the headlines for all the good, bad and the ugly.

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From representing Tanzania at Miss World in 2006, Wema later on became an actress and entrepreneur in Tanzania. 

Here's a look at Wema's rise to fame. 

Wema Early Age

Wema Early Life

Wema hails from a Diplomat Family, her father is Ambassador Isaack Abraham Sepetu and she is the last child in a family of four girls. This beautiful and soft-spoken girl started performing since her childhood in school Drama’s in Dar es Salaam.

Wema Education

Wema Sepetu had her primary and secondary education in Dar es Salaam at Academic International. She studied International Business at the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, in Malaysia. After a year she dropped out to pursue her dream to act.

Wema Relationships

Wema Sepetu and musician Diamond Platnumz had a relationship but then later separated. After their breakup, Wema insisted that they were no longer a couple and that their break up was not a stunt to promote Diamond's album, “A Boy from Tandale” as most people had speculated.

“Diamond and I have broken up. In other words, it is done! I blocked him since videos showing him cosying up to his ex-girlfriend, went viral online,” she was reported stating on her socials.

Wema would later claim that Diamond was the man she had hoped to spend her entire life with.

Wema then went on to date comedian Idris Sultan, who was also a Big Brother winner but they broke up months, shortly after she had a miscarriage of their twins.

The two dated for a couple of months and later broke up, citing irreconcilable differences. Idris confirmed to the press that he was the one who wanted to separate with Wema but the decision didn't come easy for him.

He says Sepetu broke his heart many times and he decided to walk out of the relationship, and it took him six months to get her off his mind.

Wema Sepetu started hinting on having a new man, long after she parted ways with Diamond Platnumz. In an August 2020 interview with Tanzania’s Trendy TV, she confirmed that she has a new man, but did not mention his name.

She, however, said that the only reason why she has not posted him on social media is that he has not paid the bride price. Sepetu then went online to wish Omy Dimpoz a happy birthday. The caption got many thinking if they have a thing. In a rare dedication, she referred to him as her boyfriend.

Wema Career

In 2006, she was crowned as Miss Tanzania, the competition was held at Diamond Jubilee Hall in Dar es Salaam where more than 20 girls competed, from 25 regions of Tanzania, at a chance to win the crown.

Wema was crowned and awarded a Toyota Rav 4 and a ticket to compete in Miss World.

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Wema achieved fame and popularity in her home country by acting in Tanzanian Films. She burst into the Tanzania film industry with the movie Point Of No Return, in 2007 where she played as a wife of a rich witch, who always killed his girlfriends for sacrifice. Wema's character was destined to die too but, she decided to pray and at last, saves her husbands family and herself.

Her performance in this film received good reviews within the entertainment industry, this was her big break.

She has also starred in Tanzania's blockbuster films, Red Valentine, White Maria, Tafrani, Sakata, Crazy Tenant, Diary, Lerato, Dj Benny and Basilisa.

In 2013, Wema Sepetu launched the ‘Endless Fame Production’ company. The company deals with Wema Sepetu movies production as well as artist management.

She has managed musicians hailing from Tanzania such as Ally Luna as well as Mirror. Some of the movies it has been responsible for producing include Unexpected, Family, Superstar, Heaven Sent, as well as Day After Death.

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Wema Controversy

In July 2018, Wema Sepetu was sentenced and found guilty of drug possession.

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The former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu had been found guilty of possession and use of illegal drugs by the Kisutu Resident Magistrates court in Dar es Salaam.

Wema was sentenced to a one-year jail term or pay a fine of Sh88, 000 for the crimes she was charged for. Giving the ruling was resident magistrate Thomas Simba, however, set free her co-accused having found them innocent of any wrongdoing.

Her two employees, Ms Angelina Msigwa and Matrida Abas had also been arrested and taken to the police station for questioning alongside Wema.

In a segment of an interview she did with Wasafi TV on The Trendy show. The model opened up about her lowest moments and shared how she battled depression, but with the help of her mother, Miriam, she ran to her for solace and guidance during the tough times.

Most of the people that commented on her interview showed empathy, sympathy ansd support. They hailed her for her bravery and courage to narrate such difficult and troubling events to the public and for helping other people manoeuvre through their own difficult situations.

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Wema Awards & Nominations

Wema's work speaks for itself and she's no doubt a fave among many in Tanzania. Over the years she has received recognition for her work in the entertainment industry. 

Here's a list of her awards and nominations:

2014 – Style Icon of the Year at the Swahili Fashion Week Awards (Nominations)
2014 - Sexiest Girl at the Ijumaa Sexiest Girl Awards (Won)
2015 – Favourite Actress at the Tanzania People’s Choice Awards (Won)
2015 – Favourite TV Show at the Tanzania People’s Choice Awards (Nominated)
2015 - Female Personality of the Year (East Africa) at the Nzumari Awards (Kenya) (Won)
2016 – Best Dressed Celebrity at the Abrynz Style and Fashion Awards (Won)
2017 - Female Stylish Personality of the year at the Swahili Fashion Week Awards (Won)
2018 – Best Actress at the Sinema Zetu International Film Festival (Won)
2018 – Best Feature Film at the Sinema Zetu International Film Festival (Nominated)
2018 – People’s Choice at the Sinema Zetu International Film Festival (Won)
2019 – Best Actress at the Sinema Zetu International Film Festival (Nominated)
2019 – Best Feature Film at the Sinema Zetu International Film Festival (Nominated)

Wema Infertility Issues

Wema has always shown her desire to have a child of her own and shared that with her fans very vocally. She has had many miscarriages and she disclosed how bad she feels when pregnant women show off their bellies.

She fell into a deep depression and shocked her fans when she admitted that she wished she was dead. Wema's mother has also said that Wema has always wanted a child and has gone as far as India for fertility treatments.

For years, Wema Sepetu had shared her struggles with getting and keeping a pregnancy.

A subject that has unfortunately been weaponized during her interactions with some fans and even fellow celebrities such as Zari Hassan. When Zari gave birth to her son with Diamond, many mocked Wema and claimed that she was left for failing to bear a child for Diamond. Messages that stung her like salt on a wound and she took to Instagram to let her feelings known.

When a fan decided to attack her by telling her to try and get pregnant so that she may have someone to bury her,  Wema tore him apart in a lengthy post that you can check out below:

Wema Present Day

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Wema still acts and is very much in the public eye, this year she has added a cooking show to her resume on YouTube. The show is called, Cook with Wema Sepetu.

Last year, she told media that she has been consulting with many medical practitioners about her inability to have a child but believes she will be able to have a baby of her soon via surrogate or on her own.

Wema Net Worth

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